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Friends of the Old Château of Airvault (AVCA)

An Association governed by the 1901 law on Associations

The town of Airvault, situated in the valley of the river Thouet, is laid out around two historic monuments, the former abbey and the church of St Pierre, and is dominated by the citadel built on a small hill. This strategic position played an important role in the town’s powerful defence system in the Middle Ages.

The château of Airvault is considered to be one of the few remaining examples of 11th century military architecture. From this era there remain the surrounding wall, with its two truncated towers, and the well-preserved keep whose silhouette marks the urban landscape.
Le châteautour nord ouest

The original buildings inside the château walls were replaced in the 14th and 15th centuries.
Surviving buildings include the prison, with its two vaulted cells lit by a loophole.

Over the thousand years of its existence, the château has witnessed both large and small events in French history. Often besieged, seldom conquered, it still proudly stands watch over the town.
Vue du châteautour nord est

However, the ravages of time have taken their toll, leaving the château in a fragile state, so action must be taken quickly to preserve it.

The château has been closed to the public for many years, but the new owners want to open this historic building to them so that people can discover its history, magic and poetry. Moreover, by making it available for those wishing to hold special events there, they are demonstrating their aim of revitalizing the château as the heart of the town.

The Association of Friends of the Old Château of Airvault (AVCA) has been set up to unite all those who wish to love, protect and defend it.

The Association has set several aims:

  • Allow the public to discover the château and its history through guided visits
  • Trace the history of the château and the town of Airvault by researching all documents in which they are mentioned
  • Bring the site to life by organising cultural, festive, tourist and sporting events
  • Contribute and help in the restoration of the two north towers and the château walls
  • Rebuild the wooden wall walkways between the keep and the north-west tower in their original form (11th century)
  • Contribute and help with the restoration and management of the “domestic services” building to create a room for temporary exhibitions
  • Restore the château’s wine-press
  • Help to discover and reveal the château’s famous “mystery room”
  • Generally act to conserve, improve, promote and highlight the château of Airvault and the architectural heritage that it represents.

*If you wish to join us, please contact us by clicking HERE. *
You may also fill in our membership form by downloading it and sending it to us: bulletin.pdf.

We hope to hear from you soon,